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bottom styles within our range

placed in order of coverage...


With more coverage than a hipster and cheeky, a shorty offers you leg and bottom coverage while still providing you with a lift. Offering structured material around the hips allowing you to feel safe and secure in your outfit.

Ideal for everyday wear or if you want a little more coverage

Recommended shorties within our range:

Wonderbra Shorty

Freya Cameo Short

Freya Viva Hipster Short

Panache Andorra Short

high rise

High-rise bottoms are designed for full coverage and are a great option when you want some added support. Many people do refer to this style as 'granny panties,' but we've been seeing this high coverage cut in tones of modern colours and fabrics. 

Ideal for anytime you want to feel more secure or everyday wear

Recommended high rise bottoms within our range:

Elomi Matilda Full Brief

Elomi Morgan Full Brief 

Pour-Moi Imogen-Rose Embroidered Brief

Sloggi Go All-round Maxi

mid rise aka bikini

A mid-rise bottom offers more coverage than a hipster, but less than a high rise, offering comfort and security for everyday wear. Designed for daily wear this style works especially well under mid-rise pants. 

Ideal for mid-rise pants, skirts, and everyday wear

Recommended mid-rise bottoms within our range:

Panache Ana Brief

Wonderbra Brazilian Brief

Freya Daisy Lace Brief



Halfway between boy shorts and a mid-rise, hipsters have a bit more coverage on your leg-line than a mid-rise cut, but still, sit a few inches below your natural waistline. If you wear low-rise jeans, hipsters are pretty much for you. 

Ideal under low rise clothing such as jeans

Recommended hipster within our range:

Sloggi Zero Feel Hipsters

Sloggi Wow Comfort 2.0 Hipster



brazilian aka cheekies

Brazilian bottoms offer you more coverage than a thong but still reveals more cheek than a hipster. A Brazilian is more flirty and playful than your typical mid-rise cut, but are still a great everyday option

Ideal for everyday wear

Recommended Brazilian within our range:

Erin Brazilian Brief 

Pour-Moi Opulence Brazilian Brief 

Sloggi Go All-round Hipster 

Freya Cameo Brazilian 


Don't want your underwear showing? We recommend you a thong style! Offering zero coverage on your bum and minimal coverage on your hips, a thong provides a seamless and VPL-free look and finish.

Ideal under tight dresses, fitting trousers, or everyday wear

Recommended thongs within our range:

Gossard Glossies Leopard Thong

 Wonderbra Thong


Seamless underwear has no sewing or cutting lines on both sides of the waist offering you that smooth, VPL free finish and look

Not looking for a VPL a seamless bottom is the way to go or everyday wear 

 Recommended seamless bottoms within our range:

Sloggi Zero Feel Hipster