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Book a Fit Check with Our Experts

Our Fit Check service is a quick and easy way to get expert advice on whether your bra fits correctly. Who is the service ideal for? It's for anyone in need of advice on what size bra to buy, or want to check the new one they've bought fits correctly.

Step One - Fit Check Photos

For us to do an accurate Fit Check and provide the right recommendations, we will need photos of you in your bra that you want checking. We will need the following:

  1. Front on, with your arms relaxed by your side
  2. Side on, with your arms relaxed by your side (photo of both sides recommended)
  3. From the back, with your arms relaxed by your sides
  4. Any other areas of fit concern on the bra

Before taking the photos:

- Ensure you have the bra on the loosest set of hook and eyes (if it has these)

- Do the Swoop and Scoop to ensure your breasts are inside the cups

Tip: Aim to take clear photos in good light showing your whole upper body. You may want to set a timer, use a mirror or ask someone to take them for you but try to take them in the same way each time so your photos are consistent.

Fit Check Examples

Step Two: Fit Check Questionnaire

Now you've got that bra on, answer the questions in the form below, and we'll find the fit together!

Once completed, email your Fit Check photos to us with the subject line Fit Check Photos and your name. Once we've received your photos and questionnaire, our team will respond with our recommendations within one working day via your preferred contact method (please note we work Monday - Friday).