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about everydae

What Everydae isn't:

A hyper-feminised, pink and frilly bra shop, selling unattainable aspirations of retouched images.

What Everydae is:

A place you can find underwear you feel great all day in, backed by a team of empowered people ready to empower you towards great fitting underwear choices for your body and lifestyle.

Underwear is what we wear next to our skin and most intimate parts of our body. For most of us, it's a daily ritual of the first thing we put on our bodies, and the last thing we take off. The wrong underwear choice can make the difference between a good and a bad day. We want you to have more good underwear days. 

Everyone has an underwear drawer. Some are bigger than others, but for most of us there are just a few bras and pants that form our heavy rotation. Ones that offer us comfort, the shape, the support, that we need to take on the day in confidence.

If you’ve got a load of washing due, then it’s likely that your underwear drawer looks full and yet disappointing, and there feels like there is nothing to wear that is going to give you the all-day comfort you desire. 

Wedgies, VPL, digging in, falling down, and pulling up are daily distractions we will help you eliminate by offering personalised fitting advice, self-fitting tools, and an easy to shop website.

Whether you want a barely-there feeling, or something more secure, our team of fitting experts are dedicated to finding you underwear that enhances your best self.

Everydae is founded on 15 years of experience with our sports bra specialist website, We have expert knowledge of fit, supporting boobs in sizes 30-48 band, A-K cup, with the ambition to add more. We strive for perfection, and are always in pursuit of ways to make our service and range better, with feedback from our customers.

We have worked with an amazing artist called Georgia who has created these incredible pieces of the everydae woman. You can see more of Georgia's work on Instagram: @g_dymockart