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Why it’s time to say goodbye to disposable razors

Still guilty of reaching for the plastic disposable razor? You’re not alone. In 2020, an estimated 5.45 million people were opting for disposables. But how much of a problem is this, and what can you do to combat this? What’s the biggest problem with disposable razors? Just as the name implies, disposable razors are designed to be used a few times, then thrown in the bin. Due to the materials used in these razors, it is extremely difficult to recycle them, meaning that more often than not, they end up... Read More


Our Underwear of the Week

Keep scrolling to see the underwear sets our Everydae Team are loving this week. If you’re anything like us, you have spent the last year and a half in loungewear and now the thought of underwire fills you with dread… It’s time to change that and as they say, absence can make the heart grow fonder right?! Lucy, 32D I have never worn a bra as soft and as comfortable as the Emelie High Apex Underwire Bra! I originally chose this bra because of the colour (a pastel yellow is... Read More

Panache Good Fitting Bra 16/06/2021

Our at home fitting tips

Do you know what bra size you are? It is surprising how many women get asked this question and how many actually know the answer. A bra is part of our everyday routine and having a correctly fitting one is very important. We take time for ourselves each day so why not use some of that time to make sure the bras we are wearing actually fit us properly. Have a read of our at home fitting tips: There are so many different breast shapes and sizes, making it very... Read More

Sloggi go allround top and bottoms 14/05/2021

A guide to the best underwear for all day comfort

Comfortable underwear is a wardrobe essential. Wearing the wrong kind can set your mood for the entire day. If it digs in, sits uncomfortably or has irritating detailing, you are going to know it’s there and it will be on your mind all day long. No matter what you have planned for the day, comfortable underwear is a must. Whether you are sitting around at home, going to work or heading out for the day, your underwear needs to feel part of you and make you feel ready to take... Read More


Thongs vs High Rise aka full briefs, also known as GRANNY PANTIES!

Anytime you want to feel more secure: High Rise are for you… Designed for full coverage and are a great option when you want some added support or an extra comfortable barrier. Trust us when we say that this cut is making a comeback with new colours and fabrics. Mid Rise aka bikini is the middle ground for your everyday needs! Offering you more coverage than a hipster but less than a high-rise brief, offering comfort and security for your everyday wear. Designed for your daily needs and with your... Read More

Model Grace behind the scenes with Everydae 19/04/2021

Behind the Scenes: On Set With Everydae

We have been working so hard behind the scenes with our Everydae brand to ensure everything is ready in time for our launch, so to show you just how passionate we are about our new venture we thought we would take you behind the scenes of our very first photoshoot. We stock a wide range of different underwear brands here at Everydae and we wanted to take our own photos of their products to show you the Everydae concept. Our set was designed and put together by our expert team... Read More

Triumph Lingerie Logo 19/04/2021

The ultimate deep dive into the brand Triumph

From corsetiers to lingerie extraordinaires, Triumph’s long and fabulous history first began in 1886 by John Gottfried and Michael Braun. However, the name Triumph did not come around until much later when the pair realised they needed a more memorable name and became inspired by the Arc de Triomphe. Throughout its history, Triumph has stormed the lingerie industry by continuing to come up with fascinating new designs and inventions. In 1993 Triumph launched the Corselette – the first ever strapless Corset. Triumph took its knowledge and understanding of the female... Read More

Freya Logo 19/04/2021

Get your perfect fit with Freya

Each day is different. You never know what it will bring, what you will be wearing or where you will be. Life can be so unpredictable, so it is essential you have the reassurance of perfecting fitting underwear. That’s where Freya comes in. Freya provides a look that works whatever day you have. Whether you are going to work, studying, meeting family, on a holiday exploring or simply relaxing at home – Freya is there for you. They are dedicated to creating the most fashion forward dynamic pieces that fit... Read More

Panache logo 19/04/2021

Panache: award winning lingerie experts

With over 39 years of award-winning experience Panache is a forward-thinking brand that describe themselves as the ‘little black dress of lingerie’, every woman’s wardrobe must have one! They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of D plus cup sized lingerie with an aspiration to be the ‘best in class’. Panache understands that when it comes to lingerie, it is not just about creating pretty garments but also about crafting pieces that enhance and support all different kinds of body shapes. Therefore, they are constantly developing their... Read More